I wanted to write to thank you all so much for your support during this lockdown. We are now 5 weeks in to what has been a struggle for us all in many different ways. Our Key Worker children have adapted to the changes in school brilliantly despite missing some of their friends and those at home have been engaging with remote learning really well. It has been lovely to see so many joining in the live sessions we are now delivering.

I can’t thank those of you who are trying to balance working from home at the same time as home schooling enough. I do realise how difficult this can be and am appreciative of the efforts that you are all putting in to making this work. However, I do not want you or your child becoming anxious about what we are asking you to complete. You are all doing such an amazing job so please don’t be hard on yourselves if it doesn’t get finished on time. If you have any concerns at all please do ring school to discuss them further.

Can I remind those of you who are sending your child to school that we break up for half term on February 12th and return on Monday February 22nd.

We are really hoping that we can open the doors to all children on March 8th, until then please do take care of each other and keep up the fantastic work you’re all doing.

Stay safe and fingers crossed we can all come back to school very soon.

Mrs Pyle