I wrote last year to introduce myself when I took up post as CEO of Galileo, the multi-academy trust to which your child’s school belongs – it’s hard to believe four school terms have passed since then.

I write now to give you a brief update from the Trust and to let you know how much I appreciate the continued support and partnership our schools enjoy with the parents, carers, and families of our amazing children.

We have moved a long way since the lockdown of spring term 2021, and while Covid has certainly not gone away, we have not allowed it to get in the way of doing our very best for every child. School staff have worked tirelessly in often difficult circumstances to understand the impact this pandemic has had on school communities. Every child has been affected, but be assured whatever the impact, teachers, and support workers throughout each school, are making sure not only that academic progress is made, but that their wellbeing is looked after too.

Schools are reporting fantastic progress, and although still dealing with high levels of pupil and staff absence, our children are thriving and enjoying a full range of extra curricula activities as well as visits and residential trips. None of this could happen without the continued support of our families, our schools place great value in the relationships they have with parents and carers, particularly when times are difficult. We understand that sometimes things can get stressful, and frustrations run high, but we would ask that we treat each other with the dignity and respect we all deserve. We do after all, all want the same thing, what’s best for our children.

I am very much looking forward to the summer term, our children have worked extremely hard this year, and I know have progressed much further than we would have dared hoped. It’s brilliant to have classrooms and playgrounds full again, I hope we will be able to get together for some sporting events and summer celebrations soon.

That just leaves me to wish you a happy Easter holiday, I hope the sun shines and you get time to spend with your loved ones.


Best wishes,

Jane Spence

CEO, Galileo Multi Academy Trust