Equality Statement

Wheatlands Primary School’s Information and Objectives about Equality and Diversity

September 2018

Our School has a proud and long-standing commitment to equality and diversity because of its determination to ensure that every child and member of staff, no matter her/his background or family/personal circumstances, fulfils her/his potential.

Our commitment to equality and diversity can be found in our:

1. Equality and Diversity Policy
2. Equality and Diversity Objectives
3. Accessibility Plan

The National Curriculum, RE, assemblies and acts of collective worship are used regularly to ensure that our pupils learn about equality and diversity, and, every so often, we organise enrichment days to further highlight matters to do with equality and diversity.

We welcome the opportunity to share with the public our information and objectives about equality and diversity because:

1. Publication of our information and objectives is designed to ensure parents/carers can make informed decisions about the school to which they send their children according to how different schools address equality and diversity;

2. We are fully committed to transparency and accountability. 

As a result of the 2010 Equality Act, every public authority must:

  • Eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other conduct that is prohibited by or under the Act;
  • Advance equality of opportunity between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it;
  • Foster good relations between persons who share a protected characteristic and persons who do not.

It is because of this that we publish the following objectives for equality and diversity. We will:

1. Close the gaps in achievement that currently exists between girls and boys
2. Close the gaps in achievement between children who have different socio-economic backgrounds

As a result of the Public Sector Equality Duty, we publish the following information about our pupils based on the Ofsted Inspection Data Summary Report 2017:

• 53% of pupils are male and 47% are female.

• 98% of pupils are recorded as White British.

• English is the first language for 100% of pupils.

• 8% of pupils have SEN support

• 0.5% of pupils have SEN statement or EHCP

• 9% of pupils have been eligible for free school meals at any time in the last 6 years.

All pupils have access to the same broad and balanced curriculum.

We monitor the progress of pupils identified by Ofsted as “vulnerable” to ensure that their needs and aspirations are met to the best of our abilities, and to ensure that they are not disadvantaged in relation to other pupils. 

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