Whilst we are open for key worker children this is only if sending them to school is the last resort. Government guidelines state that ‘if children can stay at home they should to limit the chance of the virus spreading’. Children should therefore not come to school if you’re working from home, not at work, or another relative in the household is available to look after them.

I’m sure you can appreciate that we are in the middle of a lockdown and the advice is to stay at home. I need to ensure I am protecting my staff as well as your child. Today we had 140 children in school, many of which we weren’t expecting. This is clearly defeating the object of the lockdown. Limiting attendance is about reducing the number of contacts that all of us have with people in other households.

We have today been informed of another positive COVID case of a child in school, a reminder to us all of how serious the situation still is.

Whilst I know it is a very difficult time we are currently in I need to insist that you seriously consider whether your child actually needs a place in school. They will be safer at home!

Please remember this is about keeping people safe and the more people in school the harder this becomes.

Please can I ask that you email me if you still consider your place essential and the reasons behind this. I may well need to ask for proof of your eligibility. Please do not send your child to school tomorrow without agreeing it with me first.

Stay safe and thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Mrs Pyle

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