Good attendance is important because:

  • We care about your child’s education.
  • Poor or irregular attendance will prevent your child
    achieving as well as they can
  • We want our pupils to make the most of the opportunities
    provided by school.
  • The discipline of regular attendance teaches good habits
    for the future.
  • The law states that you as parents are responsible for
    making sure that your child attends school.

We expect your child to be in school every day unless he/she:

  • Is too ill to attend. (We can request proof of illness from
    your doctor if your child’s attendance is already low)
  • Has an unavoidable medical/dental appointment.
  • Is taking an agreed leave of absence.

Our Policy and further Information on attendance and absence is available to download below.

Nursery School Attendance Policy
Attendance Policy
Attendance Leaflet