Religious Education

RE is a component of the basic curriculum and is taught alongside the National Curriculum.

Here at Wheatlands we follow the Locally Agreed Syllabus Section 1 and Section 2 for Redcar and Cleveland produced by SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education). In line with the 1996 Education Act the syllabus reflects the fact that religious traditions are in the main Christian. The syllabus also takes account of the teachings and practices of the other main religions and worldviews represented in our nation, including Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Humanism.

Through RE we hope that our pupils will develop respectful and sensitive attitudes towards others whether they hold similar or different religious beliefs to themselves. We also seek to give children a rich variety of experiences through which they can develop the necessary attitudes and knowledge to formulate their own beliefs and social values. These include visits to places of worship and visits from members of local faith communities, the use of artefacts, drama, dance, music and art. The development of self-awareness, moral values and positive relationships with others are elements of our work with your child. This also forms part of the Personal, Social and Emotional aspect of the Curriculum within the Nursery and Reception.

Our RE Curriculum Overview can be downloaded here.

Although RE is not a statutory requirement for the nursery children we believe that finding out about religion and celebrations in particular provide valuable experiences for this age group of children.

Collective Acts of Worship

It is a statutory requirement that daily assembly is mainly Christian in nature. We provide acts of worship as specified by the Education Reform Act 1988. Regular whole school assemblies, help to promote key themes of trust, faithfulness, responsibility and respect taking into account the age and needs of the children. Celebration assemblies are held weekly.

Members of the clergy from local churches conduct assemblies, we also visit local churches and places of worship as part of the curriculum and to celebrate events such as Christmas or Easter.

Should you wish to withdraw your child from assembly or any aspect of RE, please inform the Head Teacher so that suitable arrangements can be made.

Our Collective Worship Policy can be downloaded here