Raising Aspirations

As a school we aim to broaden our pupils’ horizons and help them discover the world of work. We want to demonstrate to them that no matter their background and gender, they can achieve. We also want to build on their self-belief, their resilience and in recognising their qualities and how they could be used in the workplace. We are currently involved in the following programmes to help us achieve our aim.


Middlesbrough Football Club Foundation

The MFC Foundation Careers and Enterprise programme provides pupils with a core programme of learning, focusing on careers and enterprise topics. Aiming to enhance the life, career and employment chances of every child in the Tees Valley. Our Year 6 children will begin this programme in April 2022 setting them up nicely for their transition to their chosen secondary school.

More information can be seen here https://mfcfoundation.co.uk/courses-and-programmes/education/careers-and-enterprise/


STEM Ambassador Group Buddy and Mentoring Scheme

Wheatlands have taken up the offer of support for our school in the Buddy Mentoring scheme which will be delivered by the North East STEM Hub and their army of industry Ambassadors. This is a primary focused group mentoring programme delivered from Autumn 21 to July 22. Our pupils will work closely with a Mentor from industry to develop skills, broaden their horizons and learn about the world of work. Delivered as group mentoring, participants will also experience peer to peer support from older pupils who act as STEM buddies to challenge perceptions of STEM subjects and careers. The Mentors will attend the school for face-to-face group meetings and each will be assigned their own group of pupils and work with them throughout the year.